Vitamin Pill Bottles & Jars with Cap

Vitamin Pill Bottles & Jars with Cap

With the continued high demand for plastic products and plastic bottles, NPPP offers a complete solution to your plastic bottle demands.
With the increased intake of vitamins globally, the requirement for vitamin pill bottles increased as well. High-quality vitamin pill packaging is vital for any pharmaceutical company manufacturing vitamins and protecting these vitamins from moisture, transportation, and curious children are crucial. These bottles are chemically able to contain both liquid and dry medicines.
Apart from medicinal use, these pill bottles can be used to store multiple other things such as certain chemicals and cosmetics.
That is why NPPP endeavors to provide a safe packaging for your vitamin pills and plastic bottle solutions.

Pet jars

Our packaging varies in several shapes, sizes, colors, and types for you to choose according to your requirements and preferences. We have a self-developing mold workshop that is efficient in producing molds upon customer requirements. We make use of high-quality and durable plastic for your pharmaceutical medicinal requirements.
We have state-of-the-art instruments and personnel in making several types of molds, which involves:

  • Team of highly skilled professionals
  • Complete Tool Room Machines and Accessories
  • CNC Machining centers
  • CAD-Softwares for 3D models

Some of the examples from our vitamin bottle packaging range includes:

  • Plastic tablet bottles
  • Plastic dropper bottles
  • Pill bottle jars
  • Plastic jars
  • PET apothecary plastic packaging
  • Pharma line packaging

Our vitamin pill bottles are impact resistant which reduces damage and leakage if the bottles are handled roughly during transportation. Since plastic bottles are relatively lightweight, it decreases your transportation costs as well. Plastic bottles with wide mouth permit quick and easy filling while those with snap-tops can be quickly opened and closed. Our finest plastic quality provides a barrier against water, oil, and other contaminants hence, protecting the vitamin content.
Vitamin Pill bottles are supposed to have certain qualities and our plastic products encompass them.
These qualities include:

  • Strength- effective against impact strength, contaminants, pests, UV light.
  • Shelf life- vitamins remain fit for consumption for a long period because of quality packaging.
  • Convenient- our supplement packaging is easy to store, open and use.
  • Branding- we offer packaging that permits you to brand and display your product specifically and effectively.

You can choose different colored bottles concerning your product. For instance, you can choose clear bottles if you need your product to be showcased or you could opt for darker shades such as blue and black. Darker colors have the ability to absorb UV rays, protecting the light-sensitive products from potentially harmful rays. Whichever, color and style you go for, we will help you advertise and brand your product according to its fitting. You can even display crucial information by directly having it embossed on the bottle as well.
We use various modern methods to achieve the quality pill bottles required by your company. Our state-of-the-art techniques range from injection molding to PET blow molding and 3D prototyping.
So contact us and we will provide you with excellent quality product manufacturing.

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