Distinct Caps & Closures

Distinct Caps & Closures

Plastic Caps and Closures are essentially used to cover and seal containers such as bottles, jugs, jars, cans, pill bottles and a hundred other things. They are the last stage of packaging and are liable to preserve the integrity of the contents. They serve the purpose of closing any packaging as well as protecting the contents of the packaging from contamination hence, protecting their shelf life.

Plastic caps

They help keep the product sealed for the mentioned shelf life until the time of usage. They provide an obstacle for dirt, microbes, moisture, and gaseous particles to pass through the contents and contaminating them. This is vital for quite a lot of types of products such as food, beverages, chemicals, medicines, and beauty products. They also aid in dispensing and ultimately, usage of the product.
There are different types of caps and closures that are used in the world market.
Some of the most common types of caps and closures used widely:

  • Screw top- it is used to manually turn the container on and off. Many beverage bottles and pill bottles use this type of bottle caps.
  • Friction fit- these are the loose lids on the container that require a certain amount of effort to open and close a container. This provides further security. Paint cans are an example of this type of closure.
  • Dispensing plastic caps- these are pretty convenient as they have implanted dispensing features. Common examples of these are spray bottles and liquid hand washes.
  • Snap-on- in these the caps are architectured to be pulled off. They can serve a dispensing purpose as well. An example of this includes shampoo bottles.
  • Child-proof caps- these are spacial closures that make use of a special safety cap to prevent the children from accessing the contents.

Plastic caps factor in convenience and ease of operability. They are cheap and cost effective compared to the metal bottle closures. Consumers demand plastic closures that are user-friendly, feasible to use and effective. Convenience and hygiene are becoming a prized aspect of packaged food items making a cost-effective closure a necessity.

It is imperative to preserve the quality of pharmaceutical products during the production course. They can be corrupted by air and dust particles, and several airborne microbes. To prevent this problem, plastic bottle caps and closures come in handy in order to enclosel the medicines temporarily and permanently in the pharmaceutical industry. Proper sealing of healthcare products is extremely crucial and we are here to cater to that need by providing cheap-cost and quality plastic bottle caps and closures.

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