Blow Molded Bottles

Blow Molded Bottles

As population increases with every passing day, plastic bottling business is becoming more active because of the popularity and the convenience of use by the consumer. Plastic molding is the primary and effective technique used to manufacture bottles.

In the Plastic blow molding procedure, hollow containers are formed that vary from spray bottles to water bottles to detergent bottles and many other plastic products.

The operation entails fabricating a hollow object by blowing a thermoplastic hollow cylinder called a preform, in the form of a mold cavity. The mold is then further shaped to the wanted end product. The product is then cooled and crystallized to avoid deformation.

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We use Extrusion blow molding, Injection blow molding, and PET blow molding to achieve our high-quality blow-molded plastic bottles.

In Extrusion blow molding, the thermoplastic material is melted and expelled into a hollow tube. The mold is then closed. Compressed air is blown into the tube filling the hollow mold. And finally, after cooling the product is separated.  The injection blow molding process involves the material being melted and injected into a die until it tempers down and hardens into the required shape.  PET blow molding is a much modern method which makes use of a PET machine in which the cooled down preforms are loaded onto the rotating mandrels and allowed to heat them up to inflation. They are then stretched and made into blow molded bottles.

In order to get your order processed for our top quality products, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

The first basic step is to contact us and tell us the type of blow-molded bottles required by your company.  We can then work as a team to delve into different ideas and customization for your products and help create a sample design.  With the help of the sample, we make a 3D design using our advanced CAD software. You have to then check the designed product and confirm your order.  After the confirmation, we start the machining process. All parts are manufactured by using CNC machines to bring about a high-quality end product.  Product production is then carried out (from the design into a finished PET bottle blow mold) in 20-25 days. Extensive quality control is carried out. We send you the sample for further confirmation. We then ship the outstanding quality end product to you in the given amount of time.

NPPP is proficient in the field of plastic engineering with its competency stretching from sophisticated 3D modeling to short and long run plastic molding. We also acquire machines such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET). The PET molding is precise and accelerated as it only manufactures products that it is programmed to do.

PET machines are massively popular for making small and miniature packaging plastic products for food, drinks and healthcare, and numerous other genres.

These measures ensure that our products are of the best quality and make use of modern advancements. Contact us today for a quote.

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