The production that we serve

NPPP is evidently producing plastic packaging for multiple pharma companies, we are experienced in manufacturing parts with different plastic production technologies, all molds are made by ourselves by our own experienced and effective mold making team. From Child Resistant Caps, PET Syrup Bottles, PET Pill/Vitamin Jars, Suture Packs, Sweetener Container, etc

NPPP is providing packaging solutions for Personal Care & Beauty companies for a long time now, we are manufacturer of multiple and complex plastic parts such cream jars, lids, caps, shampoo bottles, flap-on caps, etc.

House Hold Industry is the most growing industry in Pakistan, we are experienced in producing different types of Blow Molded HDPE/PP Bottles, PET Bottles, Injection Molded Closures/Lids for House hold industry and supplying to many Pakistani and Multi-National Companies since 1992.

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